Poppy Anemone 'Harmony' (aka Anemone 'Harmony')

  • Location:

    I am originally from the Mediterranean.
  • Looks:

    I have ferny-like leaves and poppy-like flowers that grow on slender stems.
  • Height:

    I can grow up to 45cm with a spread of 1.50M
  • Environment:

    I prefer partial shade and am a great bedding plant for a Spring show of colour.
  • Flowers:

    My flowers appear in Spring and Summer and can be many colours.
  • Grooming:

    Deadhead my flowers as the fade to encourage fresh growth. I can cope with a hard prune if needs be.
  • Life Span:

    I am quite tender so might not last a rough winter unless you bring me close to the house.
  • Feeding:

    No need to water me in winter, water me well whilst establishing.
  • Fact:

    My foliage is deciduous which means it sheds annually.
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