Australian Chestnut (aka Castanospermum australe )

  • Location:

    I am native to the coastal rainforests and beaches of Australia.
  • Looks:

    I have a crown of dark green leaves which sit atop strong green stems with light brown freckles. The stems sproud from cracked-open chestnuts, at my base.
  • Height:

    I'm a slow grower but can become a large tree in my native Australia, where I can reach 40 meters
  • Environment:

    I like a bright spot but keep me out of the midday sun
  • Flowers:

    If you treat me well I may produce sprays of yellow and red pea shaped flowers
  • Grooming:

    Please spray and/or wipe my leaves regularly to prevent dust build up - you can even pop me under the shower occasionally.
  • Life Span:

    I will last a really long time
  • Feeding:

    Feed me occasionally in spring and summer with an all-purpose fertiliser, or one especially for foliage plants.
  • Fact:

    If you want me to grow to a larger plant, transplant me into a larger pot. I will stay compact if not potted up
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