Bugle 'Burgundy Glow' (aka Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow')

  • Location:

    I am originally from Europe and Iran
  • Looks:

    I am evergreen with silvery-green and wine red coloured leaves, I have spikes of blue flowers
  • Height:

    I am mat forming and can spread up to 1m but grow to only 0.5m
  • Environment:

    I like partial sun or shade and like to be sheltered, which is why I work well as ground cover
  • Flowers:

    My flowers come late spring and early summer but my leaves look great all year round
  • Grooming:

    No pruning required just deadhead my flowers as they fade for fresh growth
  • Life Span:

    I will look good for many years
  • Feeding:

    I like my soil to have a little moisture so don't let me dry out
  • Fact:

    I am thought to have some ability to staunch blood flow
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