House Plant

Chinese Money Plant (aka Pilea peperomioides)

  • Location:

    I'm from the Yunnan Province in Southern China
  • Looks:

    My leaves are like small pancakes, and make a neat little mount although when I'm older I get a bit taller
  • Height:

    15-20cm, although I can get lanky in later years
  • Environment:

    I will be super happy in a little shade
  • Flowers:

    I give small pink flowers sometimes, but they are super small and can't compete with my fancy leaves
  • Grooming:

    When I get older and my stems get longer, they may look a tad untidy, Cut them off to keep me in good shape
  • Life Span:

    I can last for many years
  • Feeding:

    Water me every week during the summer but less in the winter. Feed me every 3 weeks when i'm growing well with a balanced liquid fertiliser
  • Fact:

    I have an award from the RHS.
    For more information about me check out this blog Mr Plant Geek <a href=
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