Japanese Sago Palm (aka Cycas Revoluta)

  • Location:

    I am native to southern Japan
  • Looks:

    Symmetrical and geometrical, I have long fronds that grown like a crown on my sturdy trunk. I adjust their position according to light conditions myself so no need to rotate me
  • Height:

    I grow slowly and sporadically but can reach 2m or more outdoors
  • Environment:

    I like bright light and you can put me outside in the sun during the warmer months
  • Flowers:

    Every 3-4 years I will produce a cone as I am a cycad, and not actually a palm
  • Grooming:

    Please don’t fuss over me - simply cutting a very dead frond is all I need
  • Life Span:

    Some say it’s a huge accomplishment to kill me so get used to me living in your home!
  • Feeding:

    I can withstand drought but do prefer regular watering ever 1-2 weeks. More in the summer, less in winter please
  • Fact:

    I am a prehistoric plant - there is fossil evidence to show that I have changed very little since then
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