House Plant

Mikado plant (aka Sansevieria bacularis)

  • Location:

    I am a member of the Sansevieria family and can be found growing in the arid regions of Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia.
  • Looks:

    I have straight, dappled green cylindrical leaves.
  • Height:

    I can grow up to 60-100cm tall indoors
  • Environment:

    I prefer bright light with some sun and shade although I’m pretty hardy and cope with sun and shade.
  • Flowers:

    I rarely do, but can produce fragrant, small, white flowers.
  • Grooming:

    I need little grooming; occasionally remove dust by gently wiping my leaves.
  • Life Span:

    I can last a really long time, if looked after properly. Plant me up each year into a bigger pot to see me grow.
  • Feeding:

    I’m a succulent and store water in my foliage so no need to keep my soil damp, just water when the soil becomes dry to touch. Too much water can cause my root and base to rot.
  • Fact:

    Like other plants in the sansevieria family I am known for my air purifying qualities. I produce copious amounts of oxygen throughout the night, making me an excellent plant to keep in the bedroom.
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