Oriental Poppy (aka Papaver orientale 'Royal Wedding')

  • Location:

    I'm oriental, as I'm sure you could guess by my name.
  • Looks:

    My foliage is exotic and furry, whilst my blooms are delicate and like tissue paper, in pure white.
  • Height:

    60cm, and 50cm in spread
  • Environment:

    Grow me in a moist, well drained soil, in a sunny border.
  • Flowers:

    I will flower from May to July each year.
  • Grooming:

    Cut me back to the ground in Autum each year and remove my blooms as they fade.
  • Life Span:

    I will last a few years, but you can lift and divide my clumps in the Autumn if you want more of me.
  • Feeding:

    Once I'm established I won't need much extra water.
  • Fact:

    When snipping off stems for a vase indoors, I'll last longer if you burn the ends of my stems.
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