House Plant

Pygmy Pineapple (aka Ananas comosus)

  • Location:

    I am from South America, particularly Northern Brazil
  • Looks:

    I produce a small pineapple, inedible and no more than two inches long, placed like a topknot amongst my silvery strap leaves
  • Height:

    20-25cm and shaped as a lovely rosette
  • Environment:

    As much natural sunlight as possible please, never allow me to experience below 15c
  • Flowers:

    I shall already be in fruit when you receive me
  • Grooming:

    Once my fruit fades, snip me off. You will then find I make offsets which will take over and produce new pineapples
  • Life Span:

    After my fruit fades I am super tired, however secondary plants will appear and takeover from me
  • Feeding:

    Water me only when the compost dries out! Keep feeding to a minimum as excess nutrients will cause leafy growth at the expense of my pineapples
  • Fact:

    My stems are grown commercially in Hawaii
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