Rare Breed Raven Plant (aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia Raven)

  • Location:

    I am a native of Kenya, and neighbouring African countries.
  • Looks:

    I have almost black, rubbery leaves, divided into leaflets like a feather
  • Height:

    I grow up to approx 80cm including the pot
  • Environment:

    I am a very tolerant plant and can withstand both poor and strong sunlight. Overwatering and the cold are the biggest risks to my wellbeing.
  • Flowers:

    I do not flower, but who needs flowers when you look this good!
  • Grooming:

    You may need to dust my leaves occaionally.
  • Life Span:

    I am a slow growing plant, and will need repotting in Spring when it looks like I'm busting the pot. Use a free draining cactus compost.
  • Feeding:

    Please don't overwater me.
  • Fact:

    You can grow babies from my leaves when they fall off. I am poisonous, so please keep children and pets well away. Wash your hands after handling me.
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