Rough and Tough Snake Plant (aka Sansevieria cylindrica)

  • Location:

    I am native to Angola
  • Looks:

    I am a very handsome succulent, with striped, elongated, smooth, greenish-gray architectural prongs.
  • Height:

    I am approx 50cm including the pot.
  • Environment:

    I like moderate/filtered light, don't let me get too cold.
  • Flowers:

    You may be very lucky one day and get a spike-like raceme of pink-budded white flowers.
  • Grooming:

    If I get dusty, rub me gently with a smooth damp cloth.
  • Life Span:

    I am hardy and virtually indestructible, I can live many years.
  • Feeding:

    Please don't allow my soil to become soggy and never let the pot stand in water. Water sparingly throughout the winter.
  • Fact:

    I was first discovered by Carl Linnaeus in 1753
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