Staghorn Fern (aka Polypodiaceae)

  • Location:

    I am a tropical epiphyte, originating in Australia, New Guinea, Africa, Madagascar, southern Asia and South America
  • Looks:

    I have unusual upper leaves that resemble stag's horns, hence the name, lower drooping fronds and an unusual disk that catches insects for nutrients.
  • Height:

    I can grow huge in the right conditions, eventually encircling whatever i am grown on.
  • Environment:

    I am from the tropics so unlike most ferns I like bright indirect light and humid conditions. Keep me watered, but do not let me sit in water. I must have a well draining soil.
  • Flowers:

    I don't flower but my foliage is dramatic and beautiful.
  • Grooming:

    Trim shabby leaves, my disk-shaped, shield leaf will turn brown in time.
  • Life Span:

    I live a long time and in the wild will eventually produce pups that can cover the area I inhabit.
  • Feeding:

    You can feed me a dilute fertiliser though Spring to Autumn, in the wild I take my nutrients from the air and the object I'm attached to.
  • Fact:

    I can be potted into a piece of hessian sack with a small amount of free draining soil and attached to a board for a striking wall mounted decoration. Let the water run down the board rather than the plant and allow to drip dry before putting back on the wall.
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