Vials Primrose (aka Primula Vialii)

  • Location:

    I am from China
  • Looks:

    My flower heads look just like a piece of candy and are produced on spikes above lush foliage
  • Height:

    30-40cm, and forming a clump 30cm across
  • Environment:

    I'll be most happy in a slightly shady spot, with rich and moist soil, moisture is key
  • Flowers:

    During June and July ill provide that splash of colour
  • Grooming:

    I really won't need much of a tidy very often, just look out for dead leaves and flowers, and snip them off
  • Life Span:

    I will only last a few seasons, but can easily be lifted and divided to make more of me
  • Feeding:

    Try to keep my soil moist constantly, thats why I'm useful for awkward, damp and shady corners
  • Fact:

    The RHS Trials Committee liked me so much they gave me an award of garden merit
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