Wall Bellflower (aka Campanula Portenschlagiana (Ambella Lavender))

  • Location:

    I am from the Dalmation Coast in Croatia
  • Looks:

    My flowers spill out like a waterfall and look gorgeous in shades of sumptuous lilac
  • Height:

    20-25cm, and sprawling, good for covering bare ground and in containers and rockeries
  • Environment:

    I love sun or dappled shade, and a nice fertile, well drained soil
  • Flowers:

    I will be providing a display every year from July to August
  • Grooming:

    Keep me tidy by snipping off my faded blooms, you can also split me up every few years and have more of me
  • Life Span:

    I can last for quite a few years, although I may start looking tired after 3 or 4
  • Feeding:

    I will only need water when grown in pots
  • Fact:

    I can soften the harsh edges of paving when you plant me amongst the slabs
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